Customer empowerment : managerial practice to involve the customer and exploit his knowledge in order to improve his satisfaction - Djezzy Company Case -


Abderrahmane El Beirouti Amal Mouterfi


 Today, companies have changed their strategies in management and marketing because of new phenomena such as: ICT, deregulation, focus on service, mega-alliances and new roles of consumers, these phenomena have led companies to adopt a global and collaborative relational approach. Keeping customers, ensuring loyalty and satisfying them have become a major challenge for companies. To get closer to the customer, associate him and win these challenges; customer empowerment emerged as a new practice to involve him in the business and exploit his knowledge to gain a competitive advantage. This research proposes a conceptual framework of customer empowerment, this emerging managerial practice; aims to demonstrate the role of customer involvement through this managerial approach can improve his satisfaction. After having proposed the conceptual framework of the key concepts of this study; the method mobilized to demonstrate this central object is as follow: the study of an existing case within the Algerian company under projection. with a qualitative approach by choosing interview and oriented survey within the department of Commerce. This study concluded that the customer empowerment is essential in a hyper competitive context; to be closer to the customer, to know his needs, to exploit his skills in order to surpass the pinnacle of the temporal satisfaction.